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Here’s the part where I introduce myself— I’m Carrington. In a few weeks I’ll be headed off to law school for my 1L year, so I decided that a blog like this would be a nice little outlet.

What can you expect to find here?

Mostly musings- on daily life, quotations, style, ethics- as well as some very quality selfies when the mood strikes.

I hope you enjoy.



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Gatsby and Lilly could throw an epic bash.
Booze cruisin’
Tartufo :)
Good day for froyo :)
Band Perry with @jryme :) 🎤🎤🍹🍹

friday in london. by hjartesmil on Flickr.


If your name is Frank and you don’t use the opportunity to say “let me be frank with you” every day then you are truly dead to me

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Striped skirt


Striped skirt

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The real magic of the Gin & Tonic is that you can taste the British conquest of India, and prevent malaria at the same time.